Benjamin Chait


3 June 2013

A long weekend visiting my friend Benthai in his hometown of Bergamo was lovely. We ate pizza every day, finished many delicious—and inexpensive—bottles of wine, savored pastas, cooled off with gelato and caffeinated with plenty of espresso. Milan was a short drive away allowing us to explore the neighboring city by day while spending evenings out with friends in a quieter town. Walking up the hill to the _Città Alta (“upper city”) provided some gorgeous views of the northern, mountain town. Really, enjoying days with good food and lovely company made for a delightful vacation.

Pizza, homemade Bergamo hillside

I thoroughly enjoy this lifestyle. Mornings begin with a coffee—espresso based, not drip!—and a brioche (what we Americans describe as a croissant and filled with creme or chocolate). More delicious food at lunch. We hop from café to café in search of cappuccino and gelato for most of the afternoon. Aperitifs (happy hour, anyone?) and snacks around 6 pm. Pizza and more for a late dinner. A short walk downtown with friends for drinks after 10 pm. And crashing in bed sometime after midnight to get some sleep before another day!

Benthai Lasagne, homemade

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