Benjamin Chait


9 June 2013

Five days exploring Florence was lovely. My family—whom I have not seen since departing last fall—landed Monday morning as Sarah and I trained down from Bergamo. And while our time here was short, it was a great slowdown in the run-around-Europe phase of my travels.

Parents The Duomo (Florence Cathedral), from Uffizi The Duomo (Florence Cathedral)

Florence is beautiful. Small streets with cobblestone and shops along the alleyways. Stunning architecture hidden behind massive doorways. Artwork like Michaelangeo’s “David” and other wonders line the city—once you get past the museums ticket counters, of course. Pizzerias and cafés fill the open spaces between shops selling souvenirs, Italian leather or fine stationaries. A walking city, it’s truly delightful. It also helped the building in which we stayed—a truly incredible apartment in the Piazza Santa Croce—was 500-years-old and gorgeous.

Trattoria Street

Between wandering plazas, the streets surrounding the Duomo, the Accademie dell’Arte or the Uffizi gallery, the days were full with family and good food and finally, a vacation.

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