Benjamin Chait

Going solo

29 April 2013

Six months ago I set out traveling with a fantastic girl; yesterday we parted ways as I boarded a plane, alone, for Nepal.

Travel is making choices. For every opportunity, every adventure, we chose one path instead of another. Why visit Cambodia and not Laos? Japan but not Korea? When will we explore Malaysia beyond Kuala Lumpur? Every experience thus far has been the result of a deliberate decision. Which means, inherently, saying no to other opportunities.

Nepal. I have long aspired to visit the Himalayas. With my family meeting in Europe this coming June I have just short of five weeks surrounded by the world’s highest peaks. Which presents a moment in which Sarah and I find ourselves with different goals. So now it’s just me, alone. Abroad.

Saying goodbye is always hard, even when not forever.

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