Benjamin Chait


7 January 2013

Heading south via Shinkansen we arrived in Hiroshima. The magnitude of its history is tremendous; as humans we created unimaginable destruction. I found myself speechless walking through Peace Park and visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. And yet, in this city which witnessed the incomprehensible, there exists a constant refrain of forgiveness and hope, of looking toward the future.

Plaque commemorating the Atomic Bomb Dome Atomic Bomb Dome, one of the few buildings left standing in August 1945

Yesterday’s day-trip to Hakata via Shinkansen included my favorite bowl of ramen with our evening dinner in Kokura containing raw horse. Today’s ferry trip to Miyajima near sunset provided an impressive sight of the Itsukushima Shinto Shrine torii in the water. With each stop in Japan, I am more inspired by the history and depth of culture which exists.

Ramen in Hakata Itsukushima Shinto Shrine torii

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