Benjamin Chait


8 September 2017

We lost Kippa last week.

A few weeks ago, we were so excited to receive the keys to our first house; we’d spent the past few months looking, and found a perfect little house with a beautiful fenced yard for Kippa. We slept on the basement floor in sleeping bags that first night; Kip was so happy to have her “pack” sleeping with her that she kept waking up every few of hours, checking to make sure we were all still there and then snuggling beside someone else. Kippa absolutely LOVED her backyard, and spent hours rolling around in the grass and sniffing, playing and digging.

But a few days after we had finished moving, she got sick. We took her to the vet multiple times, and ultimately the ER. She was in surgery for multiple hours when we had to make the choice to say goodbye.

We’re heartbroken. Kippa delighted so many people during her life; she was loved so very much by all, and she herself gave so much love. She was our joy, and we were so so lucky to have her.

I wish we had had more time.


Kippa, always looking up Kippa

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