Standing here, looking at an empty house which I no longer own. Most everything I own in boxes, much of it packed away in the recently-repaired car. Lyra pup following me everywhere, so sweet yet a bit uncertain as to what all is going on.

This is my last night calling Portland home.

I have so many memories from my time in this city. I remember the first few weeks, trying to get settled in a new place. Finding a job. Building a group of friends (it’s surprisingly difficult as an adult in a new city). I remember exploring new neighborhoods, finding new places to enjoy on evenings out or spots to meet up with folks after work. I remember finding our first apartment, and moving to our second. I have so many joyful moments, from celebrating accomplishments with those around me; to bringing home a pup; to buying a first house; to bringing home Lyra. Some of those memories are really, really great. Others, not so much. I’m still heartbroken.

Almost six years ago, I moved here. (Well, we did, together.) But, life doesn’t always work out in the ways you plan. Tomorrow, the pup and I hit the road to start our next adventure in San Francisco.

The Pacific Northwest is a special place. I am so grateful for all those people who came into my life. With whom I worked. With whom I could have hard conversations about life, love, and jobs. I am so so grateful for everything.