Benjamin Chait

Seven years west

31 December 2020

Where does one begin?

One day when I’m asked to describe the year 2020, I’ll quietly describe all of the unexpected and challenging moments; and how they made me who I am today.

While this year has been hard, it’s also been pretty magical for me and the pup. New adventures, new sights, new people. Before the world stopped, I took a week in Italy and New York. Since then, I’ve been working from home like many; but of all the places to call home, California has been a spectacular spot for weekend camping trips and new adventures.

Misty Fort Funston San Francisco sunset from an airplane SF sunset from Russian Hill Lyra being her goofy self Lyra being a goof outside at Fort Mason Desolation Wilderness Benjamin and Cara backpacking Sunset at Mori Point, Pacifica Outdoor adventures Vernal Falls in Yosemite Yosemite green Yosemite valley Lyra the backpacking pup Lyra in her apartment Sunset from Young Lakes Tenaya Lake The day SF was orange Cara and the outdoors Lyra in Boulder Mountains San Francisco sunrise Still water in the Bay Mossy trees Trees and light

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