Ten years, online

Ten years ago, I registered my first domain name: benjaminchait.net.

I never imagined the value it might have. Some years earlier, I had published my first web content via Pico (in Unix) and was jumping between static HTML pages and into dynamic frameworks, learning more advanced techniques and dabbling with ASP.NET and MySQL. At some point, it made sense to centralize my identity online, before Facebook and Twitter and everything else we have today. The world wide web has grown and changed immensely in the time since I first “settled” online. It impacts every aspect of our modern lives, acting as both a tool for work and providing entertainment. Without the internet, backpacking would have been a far different experience, from booking flights to communicating to sharing stories. My current endeavors as a freelance consultant rely upon the web. And yet, I’m fortunate to have my name as my identity.

A lot has changed in the that time. But I’m even more excited about what the next ten years might bring.