Benjamin Chait


30 June 2022

What a year.

Making a new home in a new place. Ending a job, and starting a new one. (Enjoying a round on the ‘professional leisure circuit,’ aka a sabbatical, in-between.) Reading more books, taking more walks with Lyra. Waking without alarms, getting bored and exploring.

We’ve been living in a dream, a floor-to-ceiling glass-windowed apartment on the nineteenth floor overlooking Hyde Park, Chicago. It’s both stunning, and surreal. Truth be told, I never imagined I’d be here in the Midwest. But, life happens and I’ve decided to embrace the adventure.

But in an odd twist, I tested positive for COVID yesterday evening. The night before my birthday. It somewhat throws a wrench in the next few weeks, but I’m trying to take everything day by day. Small steps.

Lake Michigan Lyra Benjamin on a hike Lake Michigan Lyra by the lake Parents and Lyra Benjamin and Cara San Francisco Bay California departure Benjamin and Veela Chicago skyline Selfie at Cloud Gate

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