Benjamin Chait

Two thousand twenty two

31 December 2022

This year has been full of new things. A new job, a new house. New travels and adventures. New friends, and new visits from old friends. Some new challenges, too, among everything else.

I’m writing from a new place: Madagascar! This is my first visit, exploring and learning about the country and seeing the biodiversity. It’s a bit surreal and magical and reminds me how easy it is to fall into your own little bubble, and how valuable—and fun!—it can be to get nudged outside of one’s comfort.

Looking back at the past twelve months, I’m simply excited to see what I’ve learned, where I’ve been, and what excites me about the year to come.

Lyra on the couch) Benjamin and Lyra Elephant Seal Overlook in Point Reyes National Seashore Chicago skyline from our apartment Fried chicken dinner at Roister Restaurant Lyra on a hike in Boulder View of the Washington Monument from 1800 F Street NW on a Friday afternoon Lyra in the Chicago summertime Bike the Drive in Chicago A lovely apartment and lakefront view Lake Michigan at sunset Veela looking silly A new tree in our backyard Benjamin in a Halloween onesie of a red panda Benjamin and Cara in Madagascar

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