Benjamin Chait

Two weeks

21 September 2012

Today I gave notice that my final day with Apple Inc. is October 5 as I have a ticket abroad to explore the world.

This is perhaps one of the more difficult decisions I have made in recent history: I have spent more than six years working for Apple. In that time I have met extraordinary people, found myself with incredible experiences and truly grown as a person; all while transferring colleges, graduating and starting a career. I would never have imagined the possible opportunities nor would I trade my time for any others. But this choice is about my own personal growth, who I am as a person and what I value.

I believe in taking risks and pushing limits, including my own. At this moment, I am both excited and more than slightly terrified at the same time. While I am incredibly saddened to say goodbye to Apple, I look forward to new adventures and new challenges. My journey begins October 26 with a flight to Bangkok, Thailand.

Seeking adventures until I am bored or broke.

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