Benjamin Chait

Two years west

31 December 2015

Portland has been home for two years, and in that time I’ve hardly written. So here’s a recap.

Trees in the Pacific Northwest Steel Bridge

Moving to a new city is challenging. Part of it is overwhelming, the constant learning and discovery upon adventuring in a new place. Streets have silly names, I can turn at a stoplight with a red arrow (seriously, Oregon?). Another part is loneliness, not having those friends I’ve known for years. But over time, those feelings change, and the confusion is replaced with delight when encountering a new favorite coffee shop and building new friendships.

Mount Rainier Benjamin and a pup The Pacific coastline

The Pacific coast is amazing for adventures. An hour west and you reach the Oregon coast, a perfect weekend getaway with friends. To the north, Seattle is a quick trip, with Vancouver only a bit farther. East of Portland lie the Gorge and Hood River, for hikes and quiet escapes. Some distance further, the town of Bend and its many breweries. And short flights south bring us to San Francisco and Los Angeles and Southern California, to visit family and find some sun in the rainy winter months.

Multnomah Falls Falls in black and white Haystack Rock from Cannon Beach

This time last year, I had my Trek commuting bike stolen. It sucked. But it’s a good reminder that things are replaceable, and that good things take time. I have a new bike, perfect for these rainy winters. And I’m having even more fun riding around, exploring.

The Oh Hellos at the Wonder Ballroom My new bike Santa Barbara sunset

Excited for the next two.

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