Benjamin Chait

Betty Lake

9 July 2023

We visited Colorado for my birthday and the holiday weekend, and planned a two-night backpacking trek in Indian Peaks Wilderness on the King Lake Trail. Sadly, snow conditions higher up made crossing a pass to get to our second night’s campground challenging; and Lyra seemed to have injured her paw (or hind leg) so we made the choice to return after one night at Betty Lake. That said, it was beautiful and quiet - we were the only backpackers there, and I’m reminded how much I miss the mountains.

The rest of the week was spent in Boulder, visiting my parents and hiking about town.

Lyra in front of the Indian Peaks Wilderness sign Lyra missed the snow Lyra happy on the trail Indian Peaks Wilderness Junction of King Lake Trail and Bob/Betty Lake Trail Betty Lake Lyra at Betty Lake Blue sky


Lyra enjoying Chautauqua Enjoying Chautauqua with the family Lyra on a trail Chautauqua Meadow The view from my parent’s house the morning we departed

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