Benjamin Chait


30 June 2023

I’m thinking about this past year. Time flies, and the world changes. I’ve grown.

We moved into our own place, a nice little townhouse in Hyde Park. (The furry friends are thrilled; Lyra has a yard again, and Veela has plenty of sun spots and stairs to climb.) This spot has a lovely community around us. Our list of projects and home improvements continues to grow, but we’ve enjoyed adding plants and making this spot into our own.

This past year has also brought a few reminders about what really matters. Going into this next year around the sun, I’m striving to lead with kindness, and to tell the people (and furry friends) in my life how much they matter.

Lyra with Lake Michigan and the Chicago skyline behind her Cara and Benjamin on bikes with the Chicago skyline and river behind them Veela 👅 A new tree we planted in our yard Benjamin in a red panda outfit for Halloween Benjamin and Cara in Madagascar Lyra in the snow Lyra 👅 Lake Michigan colors Our “family” on the couch Lyra and Veela Parents and Lyra Lyra Benjamin and Lyra

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